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Some initial Sugestions.

le Lun 10 Sep - 18:54
Server works great and it looks very promising so far.

The community have great potential to lure more players from EU.

Some suggestion that In my opinion will impact on improving the number of international players deciding to play:

1. When you create a character in game and get spawned on the first location.

Please include the NPC, just at the very start that allows you to change the language to english!

I think it should be the first NPC that you meet, and it should be clear that you can change it there, I was initialy a bit disapointed everything was in French but then happened to stumble on the npc in prontera. for some players it can be an instant turn off.

2. Also I believe a lot of the Event messages on Server are also in French only, this does not come across very welcoming for non French speaking players.

3. The whole forum is in French, I understand that this is a French community I suppose, but as this is a MMO game it needs to be more friendly towards International player base and more english is the way to go.

My suggestion:

When you enter the Forum you can set a Initial Pop up window where a guest can choose language of the forum to display.

I managed to register and create some posts but it was awkward, for some guests this can be also a turn off.

Again great server, In my opinion to lure more people it needs to show a bit more international.

Regards love

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Re: Some initial Sugestions.

le Lun 10 Sep - 19:42
I think the server is truly French but trying to get closer to International server (that is pretty great). The forum isn't really active even on the French side (Discord is more popular, I guess ?).

I totally agree with your suggestions, especially the 1st one. Concerning the 2nd one, which event message isn't translated ? Each time every event is broadcasted in French then in English (btw I made a suggestion about to differenciate colors for French and English)

About the forum, are you talking about "Acceuil, Calendrier" for instance ?

I have a personal question, where do you come from and how did you know the server ?
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Re: Some initial Sugestions.

le Mar 11 Sep - 1:10
Hello, and nice to meet you.

I have missed the English event messages so. Only been playing yesterday.

I am polish but currently living in Ireland. Found the server just by accident, browsing old-school sites with private server listening for some of the games I use to love in the past. So while on my search, I went to RateMyServer and sorted the list for New servers, where I saw this one had a good amount of positive reviews, which made me click it, hehe
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Re: Some initial Sugestions.

le Mar 11 Sep - 19:51
Hi Zenork, thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it. We will try our best to set the international side of the server in the foreground. In the future, all the french content will be removed unless I find people to translate de content in Spanish, Portuguese, German etc... to leave room for english only.

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Re: Some initial Sugestions.

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