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Instances system Empty Instances system

le Mar 24 Juil - 14:47
Hello everyone, in this guide I will discuss how the Rune Midgard instance system works, the rewards, the difficulty modes, the credit system and any other useful information on the subject.

Before starting, here are a few reminders :

An instance is by definition a dungeon that you will have to finish in a given time to get the rewards, it is obvious that several teams can do the same instance simultaneously.
Instance rewards are Shards of Potential. (cf see Currency guide)
The monsters inside the instances do not give any items, there is simply a program that assigns Shards of Potential to a certain percentage of luck to a random member of the team for each killed monster.
The monsters inside the instances give their usual experience.


All instances will not be released on opening. Only one of them will be ready, really, see it as a foretaste for the future!
Posts will be made on the forum in the Announcement topic to tease the arrival of the Instances. Namely that an instance will always come out during the weekly maintenance that will follow the posting of its ad.

In these publications, we will reveal you the name of the Instance, the environment of this one, its difficulty as well as an enigma that will have to be solved to find the NPC in charge of the instance.


A little further up we talked about difficulty. In reality there will be two very different ways to increase it.
First of all the "raw" difficulty, this one corresponds to the level of difficulty of the instance defined according to the monsters which are inside. It can vary from 1 to 5 stars, 1 being a very easy instance and 5 a very difficult instance. Of course, a very easy instance will give less Shards than others.
This difficulty is defined during the announcement of presentation of the instance and is immutable.

Now let's talk about the different difficulty modes. When you launch an instance, you will have a choice of 4 levels of difficulty:

  • BASIC : No change in difficulty compared to the base instance.

  • EPIDEMIC : Time allowed to finish the instance halved.

  • APOCALYPSE : Time allowed to finish the instance divided by two. Maximum number of members divided by two (16 -> 8)

  • NIGHTMARE : Time allotted to end the instance divided by two. Maximum number of members divided by two. Hell Dignity debuff on all members of the group throughout the instance.
    Hell Dignity effect:
    Unable to resuscitate a player under the Hell Dignity effect when he died.

Note that the harder the chosen difficulty mode is, the higher the final reward and Shard drop percentage on the monsters.


Each instance will have a clean cooldown of 20h related to the character. Which means that if you do Instance A at 6:00 pm, nothing prevents you from doing Instance B at 7:00 pm.
In fact, if only one thing can stop you: credits.
Whenever you enter an instance with a group, you lose a number of credits that directly matches the star rating (base difficulty) of the instance.

Each account has 5 credits per day, that you are free to distribute as you wish, for example a 2-star instance + a 3-star instance. The credits are reset every day at noon GMT + 1, and you can not accumulate more than the 5 dailies. The credits are consumed as you enter the instance, so if the reset is done while you are inside, it's fine.

To know your current amount of credits, you can use @credits. To know your party members amount of credits, you can use @partycredits or @creditsparty.


We have seen previously that the instances must only be completed in a given time, we add an extra dimension: the time you put to finish.
At the beginning of each month (with the exception of early August), all groups holding a time record in an instance in Nightmare mode will be assigned Instances system 727310 Rune Medal. Which can be exchanged for unique costumes testifying to your dominance.
Note that rankings will be displayed on panels near the NPCs of each instance.
Instances system 2_bull10


  • Each instance has a minimum level to respect in order to enter it.
  • An instance starts at 16 players maximum, 8 for Apocalypse and Nightmare modes.
  • o refund of credits or tickets will be made in case of failure, that it is due to a potential or proven bug, or to an error of one of the members of the group.
  • A minimum of 5 players is required to launch any instance.
  • If you leave the instance you can not return.
  • If no member of the group is present in the instance for 5 consecutive minutes, this one is canceled.
  • As stated in the regulation, the double account is strictly prohibited pending instances, and will be severely punished.
  • Some high level instances will request a prize in Event Tickets to be able to return.
  • No refund of credits or tickets will be made in case of failure, that it is due to a potential or proven bug, or to an error of one of the members of the group.

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