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Secondary currencies Empty Secondary currencies

le Mar 24 Juil - 16:52
There exists three more custom items, in addition to the currencies, that you can exchange against content in Rune Midgard. There's the list:

Quartz of Potential Secondary currencies 615110

You can obtain them by exchanging Shards of Potential Secondary currencies 608410 to the Renowned Blacksmith. You may get 1 Quartz by crafting 20 Shards.
The Quartz of Potential will be useful to pay the Reset Stats for your character (1 Quartz per Reset) and pose a recurring component of Hats recipes. Thus, try to gather some as fast as possible, even though you will have to find the Renowned Blacksmith's hideout first.

Powder of Potential Secondary currencies 1326810

You can also obtain these from Shards of Potential Secondary currencies 608410, but by grinding it. You will have to us the Broyeur built by the Renowned Blacksmith. People say he always keeps his creations close to him, thus it should probably be located in his hideout. Grinding a Shard will give you a random number of Powders between 1 and 3.
Powders of Potential will be useful to pay the Reset Skills for your character (1 Powder per skill point to reset) as well as increasing the deslot chances without breaking the equipment or the card (60% base chance +1% every 10 Powders).

Rune Medal Secondary currencies 7273_110

The Rune Medals are very rare, you can get them by accomplishing certain types of highlights listed below:

  • Being the first in Rune Midgard to rebirth a character (1 Medal for the first for each class),

  • Being the one to have the most votes at the end of the month,

  • Winning a PvP or TvT event.

  • Having the record time in any instance in Nightmare mode at the end of the month.

These medals testify for your bravery, and we want them to be able to differentiate yourself from other players. That's why you will be able to exchange them in a special shop against unique costumes, impossible to get otherwise.

Please note that none of the items above are tradable between accounts but only between characters of the same account.

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