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[EN] Automatic event list

le Mar 24 Juil - 14:07
Automatic events will be happening on even hours (every two hours), event type shall be drawn among a rotation containing a certain variety of events detailed below. Note that the list below is evolutive, I will update this topic for each new automatic event implementation on the server.
Rewards will always be Event Tickets, amount shall vary depending on the event type and the numbre of winners.


Participants are teleported in a room and receive 100 Greed Scrolls (Use Greed skill once) each. The event starts when the NPC finishes his explanations. The latter will make thousands of jewels appear on the ground that players will have to gather as fast as possible. Careful tho, all jewels aren't good to get! Below, the list of the jewels values.

  • Blue Jewel + 1 point
  • Yellow Jewel + 10 points
  • Red Jewel - 10 points

As the 30 seconds alloted for gathering are over, a count will be made to know which participant managed to get the highest amount of points, he will thus win the event.

Reward : 3   Event Tickets.


This event will be played in 5 rounds. The Disguise NPC , located right below the central place of Prontera, will be disguising himself successively in 5 monsters (1 per round). In order to win the round, you must be the first person to "yell" (=write in the chat) the exact monster name in which he will be disguised.

Reward : 1   Event Ticket per round.


Each participant vote for a Poring-like monster.      
When voting time is done, the Porings will race. You earn the reward if the Poring you voted for wins the race.

Reward : 1   Event Ticket.


The participants will be teleported in a room full of Porings with different names. The goal of the event is to kill the unique real Poring of the room , which means the only monster whose name is exactly "Poring" and whose sprite is Poring's one.
Be careful though, if you happen to kill a Poring which is not the targeted one, you will be expelled from the event and unable to come back.

Reward : 2   Event Tickets.


Participants will be teleported in a small room. As the event starts, hints will be given by announcements about how the event works. There will be 5 phases, on each phase, some Bomb Porings will fall from the sky and start loading an explosion. The blast will one shot you anyways so your only goal is to dodge them. As all the phases are over, all the players still alive will get a reward.

Reward : 2   Event Tickets.

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