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I. Story

A war between gods, humans and demons, made of exhausting trials has been raging for numerous years, after what a truce was established. This period of peace is lasting for more than a millennium. A millennium where the Midgarians have forgotten despair and difficulties of war, becoming egoistic and egocentric.
Recently, monsters assault have surged over Midgard's realm, shaken by earthquakes and tidal waves. As peace falters, legends of mysterious demons are starting to be reported from numerous adventurers. Tales telling Ymir's story, who's role was to maintain peace for such a long time, are also flowing.
Fame, wealth, altruism? Lots of reckless warriors started to seek the mysterious relics of Ymir.

II. Server's birth

Rune Midgard was created by a clustering of people with a true passion for Ragnarok.
With the emergence of divers french Ragnarok server with no lifetime, our team made the choice to devote ourselves over long term periods to create a server as close à possible from the old Low rates we used to know.
The game experience of the future players of Rune Midgard is essential to us, and everything has been thought and planed smartly to offer an immersive content and to boost teamplay.

III. Roadmap (Episode choice, duration)
The episode choice of a Ragnarok Online server is a central topic. Team's choice for Rune Midgard has been clear and unanimous, the starting episode is going to be « Episode 11.3 Nameless Cursed Abbey ~ Third Story of Arunafeltz ».
In order to do so, we balanced the post 11.3 cards and equipments to preserve a consistent gameplay.

IV. Why Rune Midgard ?

You wish to invest yourself over time on a server, without concerning about stability?
Live a brand new game experience lost over years.
A server planned to maximize teamplay.
A complete skilled team capable of listening to players.
An update system based on short weekly automatic maintenances.
No Cash Shop items with effect on your character, only costume not to distort the game.
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