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[EN] Rune Midgard Rules Empty [EN] Rune Midgard Rules

le Dim 22 Juil - 2:35
Every rule below may change over time.


Rules must be read by everyone, the usual "sorry, I haven't read the rules" won't work.
Any racist, sexual, injurious or discriminatory words on the Forum and In Game are prohibited, thanks to respect other players and Staff members.
Characters IDs must be politically correct, any ID that contains racist, sexual, injurious or discriminatory words will be punished.
Settling of accounts should be done in private, please do not make it public, nobody cares.
Avoid flood and spam.
Staff members are also humans, if your question doesn't get a quick answer, just be patient. We will reply as soon as we possibly can.
Cheating charges need to stay private until a Staff member clearly confirmed it. Please contact a Staff member via PM or @request if you find anything  suspicious.
When you speak to a GM, use a decent language, clear and understandable. Courtesy and politeness always are the best ways to get yourself heard.
Of course, it is forbidden to pose as a Staff member.


Being AFK in Battlegrounds is forbidden.
Any use of a third-party program is strictly forbidden, any form of boting, AHK, Nodelay, WPE, Autopot, Homunculus Autofeed and client modification that can make your game easier are will be severely punished.
Your guild emblem must be visible, it is prohibited to copy another existing guild's emblem.

3-Accounts and double accounts

Double account is forbidden in WoE/PvP/BG/Events/Instances.
Every player is responsible for his own account, if you have any problem with somebody stealing it, nothing will be refund.
Any lent account used for wrong purpose will be sanctioned.
Avoid using the same password as for another game or server. Your old passwords might have leaked.
The Staff will never be responsible for an account steal or hack.
A Staff member will never ask your password.


MVPs and Mini-Boss are Free for All.
Mini-Bosses that are more than 3 on any given map are not considered FFA.
Griefing and unsporting manners on any type of monster will be punished.
A monster that has already been started shouldn't be hit by somebody else if he didn't ask for help.
Leeching and AFK exping is allowed.


If a Staff member punishes you, he is only judge of the situation and of the penalty that goes with. It can vary from a simple mute to a ban according to events gravity.
If you wish to deny a jugement that you consider too unfair, you can complain in the Tribunal section of the forum where you can explain what happened. Your case might be reexamined.

Finally, a Wall of Shame will be displayed on the Forum and Discord for all the players that haven't followed the rules above.

The Staff.
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